Owner Vyvyn Lazonga

Madame Vyvyn Lazonga, also known as “Seattle’s First Lady of Tattoo,” has been considered an icon in the realms of tattoo artistry since 1972. Consistently self-reinventing, her work Award-winning and world-renowned, she has earned and secured a crown in tattoo history. For over forty-four years, Madame Lazonga has been recognized as an expert in her field, a visionary and a legend, an artist par excellence.

Madame Lazonga was among the first female tattoo artists in the world who went out on her own. She worked for herself and her art, and, over the years, has remained faithful in doing so. She continues to break boundaries, challenge tattoo/artistic norms, and create unforgettable body art. Much of her artistic inspiration comes from elements of the natural world, cultural motifs, or the non-literal and decorative, the spiritual and the sublime.