Resident Artist Teri Hayner

Hello Lovelies! My name is Teri Hayner and I have been creating art using various mediums since I was a kid, including faberge egg art, stained glass, silkscreen, watercolor, and acrylic. I am a Vegan, Seattle-based tattoo artist, starting my career in Sacramento, CA back in 2009. I grew up in the Bay Area and Japan, admiring Japanese and American traditional style tattoos. In my passion for tattooing, I feel it’s more than the tattoo, it’s my journey and the years of growing and discovering; ever-changing and evolving. I am known for custom, fine-line, blackwork, coverups, and vibrant color work. When I started tattooing, my interests and styles were vast. As the years go by, I’m learning new techniques in tattooing and growing as a tattoo artist, I began to narrow the styles I want to pursue. At the moment, I will be focusing on blackwork, ornamental, dark art, Japanese, fantasy, and neotraditional.

With the years of experience tattooing over scars, I have recently and with great heart felt honor, been able to evolve my tattoo skills into creating beautiful mastectomy coverups on some strong, amazing cancer survivors. The transformation from a dark moment into a work of art. It’s with honor to be working alongside and learning from an amazing artist and scar/mastectomy coverup legend, Vyvyn Lazonga. She is one of the female tattoo artists that I look up to and who helped pave the way for women in our industry. I have much respect and admiration for her.

Since the dawn of humanity and the beginning of ancient civilizations/cultures, humans have used tattoos to tell a story, go through a rite of passage, to connect, to commemorate, and is used as a beautiful form of self expression. No matter the intention, placement, location, or size… tattoos is art. It’s an honor to be able to provide a safe space for you to either continue or start your tattoo journey while I’m using only vegan products. Putting great emphasis on a safe space for all body types and all skin tones, providing an artist environment of the highest quality. I looked forward to creating something beautiful for you!

Teri Hayner

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