Vyvyn's Scar Reconstruction Work

Madame Lazonga has been specializing in the artistry of reconstructive tattooing post-mastectomy since 1985. Finding great compassion and empathy for women who have survived the physical ravages of breast cancer and its resultant surgical scars, she feels compelled to help facilitate the healing process in the realm that is perhaps the most difficult to heal: Emotional Scars. With this idea in mind, she sees tattooing as having a potential for energy transmutation: away from negative body imagery and into beautiful body art.

One of the most important parts of the tattooing process post-mastectomy is creating/discovering a design that is flattering to the the client, one that enhances and honors her female form and natural sense of curvature as the natural breasts would do. The Madame has created some basic design templates that she believes accomplishes these considerations in most women. From the basic templates, one can create a design that is uniquely their own.

It is best to wait at least a year after an invasive surgical or non-surgical trauma before considering tattooing over any kind of a scar, as it takes that long for skin to heal to a more permanent state.

Scars are difficult to tattoo over, often because of the variations between normal skin and scar tissue and the depth and thickness of the scar tissue itself. Stretch marks are especially difficult to cover because they are so inconsistent, many times with uneven ridges, and there is a tendency for the ink to spread out underneath the skin on those thinner areas. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell by simply looking at the skin how it’s going to behave until the tattooing process begins. Because of this, the technique for covering scars requires more discipline in the application.


For custom designs on scars, stretch marks, birthmarks, etc., prices vary and are subject to the hourly rate determined at the time of consultation. For revision of both nipples, bilateral, in clients post-mastectomy, a flat rate will be charged.

Nipple Restoration

For women, post-mastectomy who are not ready or who are not interested in full tattoo designs and/or coverage, many opt to revise or restore the color and shape of their nipples. This process has been shown to have a pronounced effect on the way women feel in and about their bodies after enduring the traumas of breast cancer and the surgeries that follow.  For women Post-Mastectomy, who are not ready or who are not interested in full tattoo designs and/or coverage, many opt to revise or restore the color and shape of their nipples.




First, the size of the areola is agreed upon. Then, a template is used to draw it on the skin. The colors for the client’s unique skin type are considered and blended. The outline is the first part of the tattoo. the area is first needled without ink so that the pores can open up to receive lidocaine. The lidocaine does not numb the skin completely, but will a significant amount.  The darker hues are applied first and then worked into several gradations of lighter hues. This creates a contrast and depth of field, or 3D, making it appear more life-like.

Nipple revisions take about 1.5 hours for each side, so expect three hours in total, although it could be less,

Please Note: Ink is a foreign substance which will not always match your individual skin tone. For this reason, The Madame recommends that women get both nipples revised so they will be guaranteed a match. Ink always looks darker right after the initial process, and nipples lighten as they begin to heal: about 7-10 days. It takes a month to see the final results.

Before and After example of nipple restoration

Mastectomy Cover-up Gallery

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