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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How old do I have to be to get a tattoo?


A: In order to get a tattoo, You must be at least 18 years of age. There are no exceptions to this, even with parental consent.  Tattooing a minor is a misdemeanor in the state of Washington. Regardless of age, you must provide valid legal identification in order to be tattooed. This can be a  passport, driver's license, or state or military issued ID.


Q: Do you take walk-ins?


A: as a rule, Madame Lazonga's Tattoo is a by-Appointment-only shop, although please feel free to stop in when the doors are open. On occasion, and when an artist is available, we will consider walk-ins. we highly suggest you call ahead of time and schedule an appointment. For booking info, click here. For more shop info, click here.


Q: What is the shop minimum? What is your rate?


A:  The shop minimum is $100, regardless of the artist, or the size of the tattoo. Each Artist has their own hourly rate that is subject to change at any time without notice. See Booking.



Q: What is the deposit for?


A: We require a minimum deposit of $100 to hold your appointment. All deposits are NON-transferable, but it is applied to the final cost of the tattoo. We are happy to reschedule, but cancelations without appropriate notice, or no-shows, will result in the forfeiture of your deposit. As a personal policy, due to her busy schedule, The Madame asks for 1 week (seven days) notice. Any less will result in 50% forfeiture of deposit, and any less than 48 hours will result in 100% forfeiture. Resident artists may have differing personal policies. See Booking.


Q: Is your shop clean and sterile?


A:  Madame Lazonga's Tattoo holds itself to very high standards. We strive to make your experience as safe and comfortable as possible. All needles are single-use only. They are sterilized prior to tattooing and disposed of directly afterward, categorized as medical waste. All artists are certified in cross-contamination and blood -borne pathogens training. We use a medical grade autoclave to steam-sterilize all of our equipment, of which we spore test monthly. 


Q: What can I take for the pain? 


A:  Firstly, we will not tattoo anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Alcohol thins your blood, which makes your tattoo heal poorly. Getting high actually makes you more sensitive to pain and impairs your ability to cope with pain. We also recommend that you refrain from taking aspirin or other drugs that thin the blood before your tattoo. Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, and/or Aleve are okay to relieve pain. Yes, getting a tattoo will hurt.  Pain is a part of the process.  most of the time, the pain is not as bad as you think.


Q: Are there health risks associated with getting a tattoo?


A: As with any body modification, there are risks involved. tattooing is a procedure that breaks the skin in order to insert pigment, so you are left with what is essentially an open wound. If you cannot care for your tattoo properly, it will not heal properly, nor will it look good. also, infection is possible. You must accept full responsibility for the care of your tattoo. We guarantee the quality our work, but if you can't heal your tattoo properly, you will have to cover any cost of fixing the tattoo later. Following the aftercare instructions provided will give you the best short-term and long-term results. Also, certain health conditions and prescription drugs can adversely affect your ability to heal, so beforehand, please let us know if you're taking any kind of medication that weakens your immune system or thins the blood (this even includes Aspirin). Also, we ask that if you have certain health conditions, such as Hepatitis A-C, Diabetes, Cancer, HIV /AIDS, to consult your physician before getting a tattoo to be sure that s/he feels it is safe.  If you have a medical condition, or are on medications, we ask that you let us know, so that we can address your specific risks.


Q: How long does getting a tattoo take?


A:  Tattooing time varies depending on the design, the artist, and on how well you can sit for your tattoo. We are happy to give

you an estimate on how long we think it will take, as long as we can see the precise design ahead of time. 


Q: I want a tattoo, but I'm not sure what to get. Can you help me decide?


A:  Kudos to you for wanting a tattoo. However, we will not choose subject matter for you. We can offer suggestions based on what your ideas or likes may be, but if you're not sure of the subject matter, or your intention for getting a tattoo, perhaps now is not the right time for you to get one. We have some reference books available for parusing at the shop, but the best and easiest place to look initially is an online image search engine (google images, bing, etc.). There are also many tattoo design websites that have images available for purchase. Keep in mind, too, that we are a custom shop, that our artists are actually artists, and are able to help design a custom, high-quality tattoo created specifically for you.


Q: Are there any areas of the body that you don't tattoo?


A:  As a rule, we do not tattoo the neck, hands, fingers, feet, or toes. 

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