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Chloe Anderson

“My goal is to capture the moment, to immortalize that which is meant to fade: ephemera. The art of tattooing is truly one of permanence; it allows us to have a constant reminder of a specific place in our lives. The symbols are ours to know—some are more obvious while others hold personal meaning known only by the wearer. I am interested in being a carrier of this sacred rite of passage and being an instrument of the divine.  It is my form of service, and I hope that I will be of service for the rest of my years to come.”

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Tel: 206.465.1987

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Chloe's Personal Narrative:

I was raised in Los Angeles and moved to Seattle in 2007.  From as early as I can remember, I was drawing; in fact, my mother still has comics that I drew of my early life, even then, with a sense of magical imagery and using art as a form of expression and therapy.


I always knew I would be a professional artist, but this path took twists and turns to the point I’m at now. I graduated from the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts with a diploma in Visual Arts. Despite this, having a strong love for music, I primarily pursued this talent with my band for many years, which was what initially brought me to Seattle. I fell in love with the underground art and music scene and because of this, knew that this was where I belonged. I also studied and taught American Tribal belly dance as well, once finding a belly dance studio in Seattle, all the while experimenting and pursuing my love of visual art.


I have always had a fascination with tattoos. Ever since I saw a blurred and faded panther on my mother’s arm, I was obsessed with having my own tattoos. As soon as I turned 18, I went to the tattoo shop and got my first small piece. After that, it was a gradual progression of planning out pieces to get tattooed, always with meticulous attention to the details I wanted to be represented.  


It was through a partner who was a professional tattooer, and getting work done by him, that I was introduced to the world of tattooing.  He began pieces that I would fill in, and I became focused on all of the aspects of tattooing: the setup, the drawing, the placement, etc. I cultivated and curated what I liked about tattooing and what really inspired me, initially, the tattooers who were pushing the boundaries, going to extremes and really claiming their own bodies as physical manifestations of their inner worlds.


After expressing genuine interest and aptitude for tattooing, I was graciously invited to apprentice at Studio Arcanum under Scott Falbo, owner. I worked and studied there for some time, only completing a partial apprenticeship there before moving to Madame Lazonga’s Tattoo.


Somehow, Vyvyn, the Madame, saw something in me that she believed was promising.  She made it clear that she was absolutely not taking on any new apprentices, but with a lot of persistence over time on my part, she finally decided to give me a chance.  


My focus now is in trying to refine all of the details of tattooing while learning as much as I can about the art world. There are so many different styles to choose from, so many different approaches. The subjects that drive me creatively are smoke, ink in water, shafts of light through the ocean’s ceiling, shadow, and seeds caught in the wind’s current.  From the most delicate and small tattoo to full bodysuits, I hope to give each piece my best, and I am always grateful for every person who chooses me to adorn their body forever.



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