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Booking a Consultation with Madame Lazonga:


Serious inquiries for tattoo work with Madame Lazonga are welcome; however, she determines which projects she is interested in taking on based on the information she receives from you. Please review her portfolio before submitting a request for a tattoo. Also, please consider your idea as a basis for her to go by when creating, and the fewer restrictions and parameters you have, the better the outcome. Because of demand, she may not be able to respond to every request or take on every project. 


Please note that Madame Lazonga is no longer doing cover-ups or lettering and text.  These can be referred to another resident artist.  She is mostly interested in clients that have the dedication to follow through with the time and the financial investment it takes to do the best possible work.


The first step in booking is crucial: a consultation appointment. This is the time to sit down with Madame Lazonga and discuss your ideas, settle on placement on the body, and talk about approximate total time/cost range. This step of the process is crucial, for you will be able to receive input and valuable information.


The fee to set up a consultation is $100 USD and is non-transferable and NON-REFUNDABLE. This initial charge will be put towards your tattoo appointment deposit, which will vary depending on the size and detail of the piece should you choose to proceed forward in getting tattooed by Madame Lazonga. The appointment deposit is between $200-500 USD depending on the design work to be done. Part of this deposit will be deducted from your final tattoo session.


Should you choose not to move forward with the tattoo process and put down your tattoo deposit, the consultation fee is kept for the time spent consulting.


PLEASE NOTE: This is a life-changing process; it is an investment with a legend and a professional who will sit down and impart years of knowledge and experience to put her best work into your body.


Be aware that a large piece takes several sessions of several hours each and the time period to finish it could range from 6 months to 2 years depending on the work itself and how often you come in.


Due to Madame Lazonga’s reputation and demand, she will only take on projects that are of interest and inspiration and clients that are committed enough to follow up through this process.



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